It’s a Bikini World

It’s a Bikini World

Theatrical release poster

Directed by
Stephanie Rothman

Produced by
Charles S. Swartz

Written by

Stephanie Rothman
Charles S. Swartz


Deborah Walley
Tommy Kirk
Bobby Pickett
Suzie Kaye
Jack Bernardi

Music by

Mike Curb
Bob Summers

Alan Stensvold

Edited by
Leo H. Shreve

Distributed by
Trans American

Release date

April 14, 1967 (1967-04-14)

Running time

86 minutes

United States


It’s a Bikini World is an American musical comedy film released in 1967 starring Tommy Kirk, Deborah Walley and Bobby “Boris” Pickett. The film features cameos by the music groups The Gentrys, The Animals, Pat & Lolly Vegas, The Castaways and R&B girl group The Toys. Featuring a pro-feminist plotline, it is the only film in the beach party genre to be directed by a woman (Stephanie Rothman).
This film, along with Catalina Caper (which also starred Tommy Kirk), is among the last beach party films. The mainstay of the once-popular genre was the series of films by American International Pictures (AIP), starting with the surprise hit Beach Party in 1963 and ending with The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (a box-office flop) in 1966.
Although AIP picked up distribution, it was not an AIP film. It was actually produced and originally distributed by Trans American Films under the title The Girl in Daddy’s Bikini. A new 35mm print with this title was screened at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood on August 1, 2009.


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Young surfer Mike Samson (Tommy Kirk), the local beach jock, is quite the ladies’ man until he meets Delilah Dawes (Deborah Walley). At first, he tries to add her to his harem, but she rejects him because she finds him chauvinistic and shallow, so he disguises himself as a nerdy twin brother, “Herbert”.
In the meantime, publisher Harvey Pulp (Jack Bernardi) plans to start a new magazine called “Teen Scream”. He joins forces with “Daddy” (Sid Haig), car, surfboard, and skateboard customizer — and owner of local music club The Dungeon — to publicize the venture. Pulp and Daddy organize a series of contests, and Delilah competes against “Mike” with the encouragement of “Herbert” in various events, and loses each time. However, Mike finds that he is falling in love with her. Eventually, Delilah finds out about t